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Ultimate Profit Solution – Forex Course

(Toshko Raychev)

Complete system with all future updates!!!

Ultimate Profit Solution (website)   Forex strategy by Toshko Raychev. This System that is simple to learn, understand, and trade.  Ultimate Profit Solution makes trading fast and simple.

TRVI or Toshko Rechev Volatility Index

Ultimate Profit Solution  – The Money Box

I developed something I affectionally named the Money Box. Because it makes making money so much faster and easier. 

That is what you saw in the upper left part of the chart above. A quick glance confirms exactly when we should be ready to place our entry and the volatility of our chosen pairs. This makes finding perfect setups a snap. 

DVD 1: 

In this DVD you will learn about the 7 custom indicators that make the Ultimate Profit Solution the most accurate, profitable and easiest to trade mechanical system ever produced. 

I tell you about each one in detail and walk you through the easy installation process. 

Then we go deeper into how each one of these forex indicators play an important role in insuring you are only taking trade setups with the highest likelihood of lining your pockets with cash. 

DVD 2: 

Remember what I said about the rules of the Ultimate Profit Solution being your best friend? 

In this DVD you will see why. I go over each and show you the few simple steps involved in making the most profitable trades of your life. 

I can’t say much about these here unfortunately, as that information is top secret. Only those who join me today will ever know how easy it can be to both maximize your profits and limit your risk on every trade. 

I really hate calling these “rules” because they’re really just a few simple instructions that when followed lead to profitable trade after profitable trade. 

You can learn these simple steps to profitable trades in a few minutes and completely master them in an hour. They are that easy to follow. 

Making this the perfect system for both experienced and brand new traders. 

I cover the rules for every type of setup and show you in detail how to use them to trade with so little risk, you’ll think you have a crystal ball. 

You’ll notice I also explain non-tradeable conditions. This is important. Knowing when not to trade protects your account from easily avoidable losses. Sometimes the best trade, is no trade. 

I also cover trailing your stop loss in a way that allows you to protect the profits you’ve already made while squeezing every last dollar out of every trade. 

DVD 3: 

It’s one thing to get the instructions on how to do something and try to figure it all out. It’s another to see it done before your eyes. 

That’s why I go through 5 separate example trades for 2 entry types each on both buy and sell trades. 

So, you can watch over my shoulder as I explain each step. That way all of your questions get answered before you even need to ask them. 

I am a show-me kind of guy and I think most people are that way. Don’t just tell me how to do something, show me! 

Once you watch this DVD you will be able to trade this trading system  in your sleep. I leave nothing to chance, I want you to fully understand how easy trading profitably can be. If you can paint by numbers, you can trade this system. 

DVD 4: 

Example trades are great, but let’s face it. You want to see it in action in a live trading environment. 

You want to see every part of the system and how they all work together when money is on the line. 

That’s why I created this DVD where I let you sit down beside me and not only watch each step of entering a perfect trade… 

I also talk with you about the “why” and what is going through my head as I explain it all. 

I take you step by step from entry to exit on 14 separate live trades. 

Once you have finished watching this DVD you will be armed with everything you need to trade with complete confidence. 

As with every part of the Ultimate Profit Solution, there is zero fluff, filler, or theory. I keep things so simple a cave man could understand it all. 

I want you to feel, and trade, like a master once you have finished this last DVD. To know without a doubt that when you sit down to trade you will make money. 

I have been trading a long time, have made a lot of contacts, and have access to just about any system on the planet. 

If there was a more reliable, easier to trade, and more profitable system available anywhere, you can bet I would be using it. Because I trade to make maximum profits and for no other reason. 

This is the only system I now use and I would not even consider trading any other way. 

Because this is as easy and profitable as real mechanical trading gets. 

The Trading Manual 

And to make it even easier to learn and use I have put everything about how to trade the system into a handy, fully illustrated trading manual. 

You can have it open and next to you as you trade so you never make a mistake. 

Even as simple as this is to understand, it’s hard to always remember each step. 

Imagine watching a DVD on how to put a desk together and then trying to remember each step as you actually assemble it. It would be hard for anyone to do that. 

Which is why I made the manual something you could easily refer to anytime you are in question. A quick glance and all the pieces quickly fall back into place. 

You’ll get:

 –  Ultimate Profit Solutionindicators

 –  UltimateProfit Solution user guide

–  Ultimate ProfitSolution webinars

 –  Ultimate Profit Solution DVD (download links)

The trading manual and DVDs that will be sent to your email as download link are just a fraction of the tools and information you will have access to over the coming days, weeks, and months. Because we’ll send all future updates


– Your personal license will cover one demo account and one “live” account.

– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

File type and requirements:

– This is a digital item! (DOWNLOAD LINK)

– You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.

– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.

Without “member area” access



Complete system with all future updates!!!

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