“The Forex Money Makers” by Peter Bain

Forex Mentor – “The Forex Money Makers”

Video Training Forex Mentor – The Forex Money Makers
by Peter Bain

1. Forex Basics
2. Part 1: Forex Money Makers Introduction
3. Part 2: Forex Position Trading
4. Part 3: The Forex Carry Trade
5. Part 4: Forex Daytrading
6. Part 5: The #1 Forex Indicator
7. Part 6: Pivot Power for Forex
8. Part 7: Day’s High and Low
9. Part 8: Before You Press Enter
10. Part 9: The Oops Trades
11. Part 10: Beating the News
12. Part 11: Let’s Dance
13. Part 12: Scalping the Forex
14. Part 13: Dr. Peter’s Little Forex Secrets…Shhh…
15. Part 14: Wrap Up


Introduction to basics
I provide the basics of trading so that beginners can understand the important concepts in forex trading and explain where the biggest dangers lie in forex trading.

Where the money and profits are in the Forex
To simplify your trading education I describe where and when to trade the forex profitably without the need to spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer. Highlights include which currency pair is most profitable pair to trade and the best times of day to trade the forex.

11 reasons why you should be trading the Forex
Simply stated, the forex is where the money is – over $3.2 trillion dollars are traded every day. In these days of stock market collapse and stagnation this liquidity has attracted the attention of fund managers seeking to generate significant returns for their clients and can do the same for you..

The secrets of the “Big Dogs”
The “Big Dogs” are the large commercial traders who control millions of dollars in trades. I explain how they approach forex trading so that you can tailor your trading to take best advantage of their leverage.

Day trading, Position trading and scalping explained
I help you determine which type of forex trading is best for you and then explain how to trade each of these particular styles.

A simple five step trading system
Based on my years of trading and teaching, I describe my five step system for identifying profitable trades and then explain how to trade these opportunities.

The importance of market opens and closes
Not all times of the day are equal. I explain which times of day are most likely to generate trading opportunities. If you have limited time then these openings and closings are where you should be spending your time looking for trading opportunities.

The #1 trading indicator in Forex
The 200 EMA has been voted the most important technical indicator of all time. It is crucial in determining trends. Identifying trends and then responding to them appropriately is the key to successful forex trading. I explain how it can be used for determining trends and identifying trading opportunities.

The Simple Power of Pivot Points
By providing a framework for analyzing price action during the trading day Pivot Points allow you to anticipate confirm trends and trend reversals when assessing trading opportunities. I explain how to calculate pivot points and the importance of incorporating them in your trading

Trading the News
The announcement of important economic events has a dramatic effect on price action and unless understood news can be devastating to an inexperienced trade. I explain what the news is and how to best profit from its effect on price action. You will never be caught out again because you didn’t understand how the news would affect your trades.

The Carry Trade
I explain how the interest rate differential between two currencies known as the Carry Trade can be used to significantly augment your position trading profits.

My Trading Secrets
For the first time I reveal four of my favorite trading secrets. Once you mastered my forex fundamentals, these special trading techniques can be used to augment your trading style and identify still more trading opportunities. Learn how to use the hourly chart to establish trends; what the Guppy System is and how it can help you identify trades; how the Wolfe Wave can help you with price projections and the importance of Tom Demark trend lines in confirming trend breaks.
and much more…

Peter Bain is one of the most trusted names in Forex education.

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