MetaTrader Account Copier (SynchroTrade-PRO)

MetaTrader Account Copier

Software  – SynchroTrade-PRO

This is copier of trades This software fully duplicates all actions from any accounts, automatically opens and closes orders, set up Take Profit and Stop Loss sizes. Also the program fully duplicates all changes in open positions.

1. “Sender PRO” EA – the transmitter of trading commands. It is install on Investor Terminal.


2. “Receiver PRO” EA – the receiver of trading commands. It is install on on your account.

The purpose of this software is to help traders, who use Meta Trader 4 trading terminal, in their routine work with trading signals.

Some traders, who can not trade successfully by themselves, prefer to copy trades of professional traders. Some successful traders would like to increase their profit by selling trading signals. But it is very hard task to process those signals manually. You should wait for those signals 24 hours a day, what can happen if you were away from your computer when signal came? You can lose your money.

With this software you can do what you want while computer is working for you, it does not require any supervision. It just copies trading account of the signal provider to your account, trade by trade, 24 hours a day. And much more: you can copy not only one account, but unlimited number of accounts from different providers

This software can help you with next tasks:

You have an investor password from some account in Meta Trader 4 and you want to copy trades from this account to yours. This account could be bigger or smaller than yours, you can adjust lot size or lot multiplier.

You have an investor password from more than one accounts in Meta Trader 4 from different signal providers and you want to copy all trades from this accounts to your account.

To copy trading signals from one Meta Trader 4 account to another you must know the password (investor or trader) to login to this account.
Then you start two Meta Trader 4 terminals,
1) One terminal (Sender of trading signals) – “Signal provider”
2) Another terminal (Receiver of trading signals ) – Meta Trader with your account

In case if you want to copy more than 1 account you should start more than one MT4 terminals with “Sender of trading signals” EA


– Your personal license will cover one demo account and one “live” account.
– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use
– Lifetime support for registered users

1 Master Account, 1 Slave Account
If you want to have unlimited version of this software(unlimited Master, Slave Accounts, PC ) contact us

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item! ( .ex4, mqh, pdf, txt files)
-You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.
– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.

$ 37.00

3 thoughts on “MetaTrader Account Copier (SynchroTrade-PRO)

  • at

    Iwant to send my trades to 100 different terminals all using different brokers, but I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is this software easy to install on the master terminal and easy to install on the slave terminals?

    2. Is there an option to delete users and add user easily?



  • at

    1) Software easy to install. but ALL your users must have this software
    (You need to buy Unlimited Version of “SynchroTrade-PRO”)

    2) You can not delete user if he has this programm and your invest password.

    My advice for you – “MultiTerminal Pro Unlimited slaves”

  • at


    Is there an option to set the number of open trades for the slave ?

    As example, if the master open more than one trade at a time, does the slave can be set-up at only one open trade at a time ?

    Thanks !


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