Super Profit Indicator by Karl Dittman

Super Profit Indicator by Karl Dittman

What if you had a secret super profitable (that nobody has yet) indicator that tells you what will happen with any Forex pair in the near future: when to enter, when to exit, where to put a tight stop loss with a never seen before accuracy ?

The most wanted Forex tool! Never seen before Forex indicator that works on any time frame and on any pair!

Update Nov 03, 2010: Actual MEGA trade screenshot-
The Super Profit Indicator in action!
Outstanding super profitable signals and exits on EVERY trade:

Update Nov 02, 2010: Actual trades screenshot-
The Super Profit Indicator in action!
Outstanding super profitable signals and exits on EVERY trade:

A Forex indicator is a piece of software you apply to your Forex trading platform. My indicator watches what the market is doing in real time and generates signals to place a trade. The indicator is only half of this equation. The other half is you! When a signal is generated you do a quick check to verify it is a valid signal and then either place your trade or wait for a different signal. Don’t be scared! It’s extremely easy to determine how and when to enter the market. My complete Super Profit Indicator™ system teaches you how to validate these signals and enter the market at exactly the right time. It’s very simple and anyone can do it.

The Super Profit Indicator™ Is Always Watching The Markets, Even While You Sleep!
Unlike other indicators you do not have to sit in front of your PC all day waiting for a signal to be generated. You can easily configure the Super Profit Indicator™ to Alert you when a signal is generated. That’s right, get signal sound and popup alerts automatically. Best of all it works on ANY time frame so you can choose how frequently signals are generated. It also works on ANY currency pair so you can always have signals coming your way no matter what markets are open!

Isn’t A Forex Robot Better Because It Trades For You?
Forex Robots (or expert advisors) can work great too, however I got tired of the inconsistency. I wanted to take my profits into my own hands and be directly responsible for my own wealth. The truth is a robot can never be smarter than you! You are your own best trading tool. You just have to have the right weapons to make your fortune. And we have that weapon!

The combination of our Forex indicator and your human brain is 100x more powerful than any robot could ever be.
I have witnessed this myself and am living proof of what someone can accomplish with this indicator. I have made enough money to not only quit my job and live off of my trading but I am now also on track to retire early! Just imagine being able to tell your boss to go fly a kite! Don’t believe me? I thought so, and that is why I have posted my live account results on the page below. I have also posted several live account results from my customers as well. All of these results are 100% real and were obtained using my Super Profit Indicator™.

Why Sell This Indicator If It Makes You So Much Money?
I am always looking for the next challenge in life. I love to take things and build them from the ground up. I built the Super Profit Indicator™ from scratch after putting in over 5 years of manual labor on research and development. I have been trading with it successfully ever since. But I get bored when things get too easy. I’m weird that way. And truthfully this indicator makes it very easy to make profitable trades in the Forex market. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about how much this indicator has made me personally through Forex trading!

I could have very easily kept this to myself and never had to do anything else but trade with this indicator for the rest of my life. Talk about easy street! But after a while making money became too easy and I longed for a challenge. And what better challenge than to start my own business providing this indicator to people who are looking to improve their situation just like you. With that in mind I started by setting up my friends and family members with free copies of the Super Profit Indicator™.

After very successful results with the people I gave the indicator to I was determined to get this amazing tool out to the masses.

So How Does It Work?
The Super Profit Indicator™ system has over a 85+% success rate for pinpointing the exact moment to enter a trade offering the lowest risk/reward ratio imaginable. It can be used on any timeframe from the 1 minute all the way up to the monthly charts and requires no previous trading experience to be effective. My system teaches you everything you need to know to use the indicator profitably.

Super Profit Indicator has so many benefits it is hard to narrow it down to just 10 of them. In fact, our indicator comes equipped with certain “top secret” features that no other indicator on the market currently has. For obvious reasons those features are not included on this list! Starting from the top with number 1…

/Karl Dittmann/

Package contain:

– superprofit.ex4
– Manual-superprofitindicator.pdf


– Your personal license will cover one demo account and one “live” account.
– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item!
-You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.
– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.

$ 9.00

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