FREE – Trend Picker Indicator

Trend Picker Indicator (FREE)

Trend Picker Indicator – easy trend indicator.  You can use it with other your indicators and create own trading system 😉 But please use it on demo account before. Because I think it repaints. ( not sure )

 Here video, how  “TrendPickerIndicator” works and gave 241 pips in one week

How to use it.

When a green circle pops onto the screen, there is a buy opportunity.

When there is a red circle on the screen it is a sell opportunity.

When do you close the trade? This is really up to you choose a reasonably low stop loss that you feel comfortable with and a reasonable take profit. Then let the trade go. If you feel you are happy with the trade feel free to close it early. Or unhappy, close it early.

 Download free Trend Picker Indicator >>>

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