Forex Wealth Strategy

Forex Wealth Strategy is developed by Bulgarian forex trader Toshko Raychev. He has a lot of followers, and he believes that absolutely anyone could make money in Forex, if they have the right tools. Forex Wealth Strategy is developed to make a profit when the market is volatile, because volatility could double or triple your money. He researches and tries many ways to develop correct trading strategy and now he believes that Forex Wealth Strategy is now so powerful that it is turning ordinary people into “believers.”

  1. Intro & Basics
  2. System Rules
  3. Example Trades
  4. Live Trades and Webinar
  5. System Manual
  6. Indicators and Template
  7. Assistant – Here Now!
  8. Live Webinar Recordings
  9. All Updates
  10. All Bonuses
  11. Guaranteed Permanent Working Indicators & Template.

Forex Wealth Strategy chart

Forex Wealth Strategy is developed by several trading indicators to show correct signals. As you can see on the image below the strategy is developed by RSI(8), Octa Trend, Octa HTF Oscillator, Octa Volume which will show you the signal(Up or Down) and also the volume(strength of the signal). The strategy also has other custom indicators in the chart which also help to predict the direction of the movement. The strategy also shows where is the good level to put the stop loss and where to put the target.

If the price is bellow the blue line, this is sell signal, as oscillators also goes down. As you can see on the image when the price goes up the blue line the movement become bullish.

Forex Wealth Strategy

The Forex Wealth Strategy is very clear strategy and is easy for understanding. This strategy comes with a manual where traders could understand each detail of the system and how it works detailed in 40-page report. Traders will learn a lot of things such as how to time your trades and the strategy that should make you profitable.

Forex Wealth Strategy guide

Traders will also receive DVDs with a guide what rules to follow with this trading strategy and also on which market conditions traders should never trade. In these DVDs the developer will also show trade setups examples and how traders to understand the signals.

You’ll get:

 – Forex Wealth Strategy DVD in download link

– Manual Forex Wealth Strategy

Forex Wealth Strategy Indiactors

– All Updates

(Without members area access)


– Your personal license will cover one demo account and one “live” account.

– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

File type and requirements:

– This is a digital item! (DOWNLOAD LINK)

– You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.

– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.


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