Forex Trading Course on Price Action

Forex Trading Course on Price Action

By John Templeton


Forex Trading Course on Price Action – Course in HTML format about PA (Price Action trading)

Learn Forex trading by using Price Action

  • You will start to see support and resistance areas
  • You will see where the market would have some breakout areas
  • You will read the possible “future” –  direction of the price


1) Introduction To Price Action

2) Trendlines

2a) Introduction To Trendlines

2b) Correction from previous video

2c) When Trendlines Break?

2d) Putting It All Together

3) Trading In The Buff

3a) Introduction

3b) Understand WHY It Works

3c) Significant closes

3d) What Happens When They Don’t Work

4) Wicks

5) Spotting Support And Resistance Visually

6) Fibonacci

7) Why Closes Are So Important

8) Trading From The Top-Down

9) How To Read A Chart

10) Trades

1st Trade Sell EUR/USD Taken 9/28 +125 pips

2nd Trade Sell EUR/JPY Taken 9/29 +101 pips

3rd Trade Buy EUR/NZD Taken 9/29 +44 pips

4th Trade Buy NZD/JPY Taken 9/29 +48 pips

5th Trade Sell USD/CAD Taken 9/29 +102 pips

6th Trade Buy AUD/NZD Taken 9/29 +28 pips

7th Trade Sell USD/CAD Taken 9/30 +82 pips

8th Trade Buy EUR/USD Taken 9/30 -72 pips

9th Trade Buy GBP/CHF Taken 9/30 -84 pips

10th Trade Sell GBP/JPY Taken 10/01 +169 pips

11th Trade Buy EUR/GBP Taken 10/01 +94 pips

12th Trade Buy GBP/USD Taken 10/04 -78 pips

13th Trade Sell NZD/USD Taken 10/05 -90 pips

14th Trade Sell NZD/JPY Taken 10/04 -82 pips

15th Trade Sell EUR/AUD Taken 10/05 +332 pips

16th Trade Sell AUD/NZD Taken 10/05 +158 pips

17th Trade Sell NZD/JPY Taken 10/05 +45 pips

18th Trade Buy AUD/CAD Taken 10/07 +184 pips

19th Trade Buy EUR/USD Taken 10/07 +139 pips


Package contain:

– Course in HTML format (MHT files)

– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item! (Download link)
-You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.
– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.



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