Review – EA Forex Growth Bot

Review – EA “Forex Growth Bot”

ForexGrowthBot is real.  With real myfxbook proof (see below)

Forex Growth Bot ( Official site )Profitable forex robot.  Monthly Gain = about 20% !!

Forex has been full of scams and the reality is that many have lost money from forex. But forex is still a lucrative field that has made much money for others who have found the proper way to approach forex trading.

A Russian mathematician has created what he describes as an ultimate forex bot, the ForexGrowthBot that automates income by making accurately profitable trades.

Forex Growth Bot in MyFXBook (Verified acc.)

Forex Growth Bot (FGB) has been proven to make over $100,000 in 2 years using very low risk. He has shown a lot of proof of how much profit his Forex Growth Bot has performed. He was able to make 556% Profit In 3 Months.

Check for yourself  if you are interested to seriously use forex to get away from your present job. I think this bot does look promising to me.

 Forex Growth Bot V 1.6 (FGB) was designed with 2 important systems in mind, mainly proper capital management and calculated trade entries and exits.

When trading forex, what is really important is a strong capital management system. Without it, you are going to lose a lot of money even if you have a good trading strategy.


This is why Forex Growth Bot emphasizes this and has set up some important conditions as follows:

1. Lot sizes should be tailored proportionally to your account size.

2. The stop loss and profit taking are not revealed to the broker.

3. Have an option to reinvest capital.

4. The stop loss is tight and within a small frame.

5. Monitor risk to reward ratio to keep profits high.

Forex Growth Bot is designed to search for specific market conditions. When all the conditions are right, the robot makes a trade. If conditions begin to subside, Forex Growth Bot will close trades promptly to prevent losses.

Robot Forex Growth Bot works in all market conditions even during times of bad news. This is because the Bot works in any market and is able to adapt. It will quickly close out any position that fails to go in a profitable direction.


– Your personal license will cover  one “live” account. (you can change it anytime)
– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

Version 1.7.5 is now available:

 1.  Minor improvement to indicator.

 2. Additional fix to bug in Forex Growth Bot to help prevent lost trade controls further.

After purchase you’ll receive password and login for membership area. After that you can download Forex Growth Bot V. 1.75 from “/members” area

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item! ( .ex4, dll  file – Download link )
-You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.
– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.

Buy EA “ForexGrowthBot”  from developer:

  • Forex Growth Bot Basic Edition – $129
  • Forex Growth Bot Advanced Edition – $87
  • Forex Growth Bot Power Source Edition – $99
  • Forex Growth Bot Advanced Support & Optimization – $49 per month

NOTE: If you’ll pay via alternative payment methods (LibertyReserve, WebMoney, MoneyBookers…) I’ll give you 10% discount….Please contact us  for more info

8 thoughts on “Review – EA Forex Growth Bot

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    Is this the latest version, or has it been updated ?

  • at

    Hi Admin you mentioned three versions above which one is the best, and is V1.6 there among the three.

  • at

    I advice you use latest version of FGB… Now it’s V 1.75

  • at

    latest version! … free updates

  • at

    hi, i have bought your FGB. How and where i can get the latest version 1.75?

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    It is possible to set size of order ?
    If this robot works on microlot, for example 0.01 – 0.05 lot ?

    Kind regards,

  • at

    Mariusz, Yes, It’ll work on Micro acc. For example I use AlpariNZ Micro acc (lot 0.01)

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