EA “Forex Bullet Proof”

EA – Forex Bullet Proof

Great results and real profits…

REAL consistency, day-in and day-out, real, spendable money that you can deposit in the BANK!

One Month even generated 14%… a single Month! Can you believe that? But the really AWESOME part is that this is the very first expert advisor you can trust for years to come.

These are not hand-picked results, this is what you can, no let’s rephrase that…

This is what you MUST expect from Forex BulletProof, for YEARS to come, period!

Forex bulletproof has been engineered to preserve, secure and then increase your capital for years to come, no matter if the political or financial world situation changes…


Crisis proof. – the robot is capable of re-adjusting to the changing market conditions. Should the market suddenly become too volatile (and therefore, too risky to trade), the volatility filter will intervene and take the robot to an early exit. The bot also adjusts automatically to the conditions of a specific brokerage, being compatible with both the instant execution brokers and the market execution ones.

Low Initial Investment Required. – The current minimum to start trading with the robot on the EUR/USD pair is as low as $450. Only if the user wishes to trade on both EUR/USD and USD/JPY, will he/she need to have a minimum of $4,000 in the trading account. Yet most profits are generated on EUR/USD, so a minimum of $450 will be perfectly sufficient.

Important: If somebody tells you that you can trade a forex robot with $100 or even $50, he is full of B.S. because he’s after your hard-earned money. Of course, you CAN technically trade even with as low as 1 buck, but it will result in an instant margin call and put you out of business faster than you can hit the stop trading button. $450 here means that you can safely increase your capital and that all security filters have enough room to kick into action to preserve your money and your gains.

Easy setup. – Forex BulletProof is an easy to utilize “set and forget” robot. No complex lists of settings to be entered, no multitude of files to be placed into various folders, no need to watch the robot during its trading. Even completely inexperienced computer users can successfully set up this bot on their computer or VPS and have it trade for them!

No liquidity issues. – Forex BulletProof trades DURING the market hours and not between them, like many other Forex robots. This aspect ensures sufficient liquidity at all times, no matter what the situation on the market is and how many people are using the robot. The liquidity during the forex market hours totals in the trillions of dollars. Therefore, even if we had millions of people using the bot at the same time, it would not affect the currency market in any way (especially, if your broker is STP).

No margin calls! – The seldom drawbacks in the process of trading are minuscule and quickly recovered because the robot will NEVER produce a margin call. If things in the market get out of hand or a strong unexpected trend suddenly emerges, the subsequent trades in the robot’s trading cycle will re-hedge the initial ones and the cycle will be closed immediately.

Careful & and safe trading environment. – The robot’s trading hours and days are carefully selected based on the time zone differences between the closing and opening times of stock exchanges in different parts of the world. That’s why the robot is always overall in profit no matter what the current situation is on the market. The time of the robot’s market entry is set to a fixed time of the day, during which the massive asset transfer from US stock exchanges to the European ones takes place. The American trading floors (NYSE, CBOT, etc.) close down for the night when the European ones (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels etc.) are about to open in the morning, therefore boosting up the demand for the Euro against the US Dollar, as all stocks in the US are being traded in US Dollars and all stocks in Europe are being traded in Euros. The same is true for the USD/JPY currency pair- when the Japanese stock trading (where all stocks are traded for the Yen) ceases in the evening (NIPPON, NIKKEI etc.), the American one is about to resume in the morning.

Flexible trading. – It trades in two popular majors – EUR/USD and USD/JPY – which are offered by pretty much every broker in the market. Moreover, the spreads on these two pairs (mainly because of their popularity) are marginally low, which further serves to the user’s advantage.

Auto adjusting to evade errors. – If a news release suddenly hits the market and a broker drastically increases its spread in response, Forex BulletProof recognizes it and automatically cuts the starting lot size for its trading cycles and once the spread is back to normal, trading with the standard starting lot size resumes. This aspect prevents the robot from being unable to close the cycle of time because of the suddenly increased spread.

Package contain:

– ForexBulletProof.ex4
– ForexBulletProof.dll
– USER MANUAL-Forex_Bullet_Proof.pdf


– Your personal license will cover one demo account and one “live” account.
– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use
– Lifetime support for registered users

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item! ( .ex4, dll,pdf)
-You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.
– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.

$ 13.50


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    please tell me how i receive the product after purchase order?

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    Julian, Instant download … download link in email from SWREG

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