Review – “Newest” (Arbitrage EA)

Review – Arbitrage robot Newest

 Never Seen Before !!!

EA “Newest”   –  New Forex arbitrage robot.

A principle of action of thisExpert advisor: two prices the SPOT and the FORWARD from the different sources, one of which – a large hedge-fund (Forward) Are compared. The counterpart – large European Bank (Saxo Bank) with more than 50 summer experience of work.

Further in a consequence high volantily there are ruptures in these prices then the warrant towards movement of the Forward opens. Average life of the warrant less than three minutes. To catch such situation manually it is almost impossible.

The arbitration situation is on 100 % a profitable position that allows to establish the big prize and small stop-loss. The given algorithm has been already repeatedly realized in the form of numerous advisers who have already fulfilled the, having faced various obstacles (requote). In our technology this experience is considered and the newest mechanism cardinally different from all previous arbitration techniques is developed, the detour system requote is created.

 EA – is developed Uni-Quotes For import of quotations in MT4. In the software it is realized:

1) Possibility of connection of 2 sources of quotations on a choice of the user (Global Trade Station 2 or Saxo Trader);

2) Speed of reading and data transmission is increased in 2 times;

3) “Newest” program protection: the individual license – the license key, which user can use only on the personal computer or the server, without possibility of transfer to whom or.


– Your personal license will cover one  account.
– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item!

NOT available now…sorry((

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