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Forex course about the Price Action Techniques with Andrew Jeken.

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This course will teach you how to trade forex with professional strategies, as this course will not offer you “easy money strategy” or to get rich fast, but will help you to learn how use the price levels. The Price Action course is created for the intermediate trader who has a basic understanding of Fibonacci, support and resistance, patterns and other. You will learn how to scalp better, how to identify good levels of interest where investors could trade bounces.

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Price Action Video Course content:

Think Like A Professional
You will learn how to think like a pro traders and how to make profits successfully.

Market Structure & Tools
In the second section you will learn the market structure and how really work. The tutorial is about
how to find a key levels, key support zones, double bottom/double top and how to use candles. You will receive information about the trading tools such as Fibonacci and also trendlines & channels.

Patterns are very important method to indentify the trend or reversal. This section include content about patterns such as (Inverse) Head & Shoulders, Bullish/Bearish Gartley, Bullish/Bearish Bat, Bullish/Bearish Butterfly, Bullish/Bearish Crab and others.


Entry, Management, Profits
This section is very important, because you will learn how to trade with minimal risk and how to manage your trading account.

How the creator approach the trading day
In this section you will learn how the creator trade and make profit. A video archive of hours of simulated trades using ForexTester. So in this way you will understand the concepts in the course better.

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