The Breakfast Trader

The Breakfast Trader system

The Breakfast Trader

TheBreakfastTrader (official website) – system from trader George Hallmey.   You canlearn how to trade using Price Action methods.

You will know about:

1. The very best time of day to be trading, and it’s not just in the mornings.

2. Why European traders have an edge on US traders

3. How to read the market setups and know exactly what you are looking for

4. How to tell the difference between trading the trend and trading for a reversal.

5. How to make money, not lose it. 

6. There is no one, single Holy Grail, that will always be profitable in trading – most keep searching for it and eventually quit.

and :


How to use Price Action Trading, The five Candle formations for Breakfast Trading that you need to know, Separating Trends from Ranges and why it is not always obvious, What the Multi Point Reversal (MPR) is and why it is one of the best setups you will ever use, How False Breaks Reversal (FBRs) will give you a big advantage other traders, How to use Fibonacci correctly – it is probably the most widely used technique but wrongly by many traders. You will learn the correct ratios and how to apply them., How to be a good trader., The Daily Routine – how to follow a simple plan for every trading session so you don’t miss the best moves but avoid those losing trades.


Package contain:

– The Breakfast Trader system as download link


– It will never expire and there are NO “monthly fees” or any other recurring charges for use

File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item!

– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive during 1-3 days


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