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KeltnerPRO   – EA work on MetaTrader4. Keltner-PRO – fully automated,  requires a constant internet connection. If you provider can not provide it, you need use VPS.

KeltnerPRO works on these forex pairs: NZDUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURUSD


Myfxbook statement of KELTNER PRO #1

  • Gain:+1092.22%
  • Abs. Gain:+1092.22%
  • Daily:1.18%
  • Monthly:41.86%
  • Drawdown:29.79%


Myfxbook statement of KELTNER PRO #2  

  • Gain:+190.2%
  • Abs. Gain:+190.2%
  • Daily:0.69%
  • Monthly:22.96%
  • Drawdown:25.15%

 KeltnerPro Settings:

StartingLot – Entering a value here will cause for KeltnerPro to use a fixed lot number for every trade. KeltnerPro will only use a fixed lot size if Increasing_Lot is set to false.
Increasing_Lot – Setting this parameter to true will enable the Money management feature of Keltner Pro. It is set to true by default.
Risk – This parameter will automatically set the number of lots based on the balance of the account. By default the value is set to 0.05 which is the equivalent of 5%. This will allow KeltnerPro to use 5% of your equity per trade.
Comment – This allows for you to change the comment that is displayed under the comment section in your account history and your live trades.
Magic Number – Allows KeltnerPro to identify its own trades. Please make sure these numbers do not conflict with other EAs that you may be using on your account.
Slippage – If the slippage of the broker exceeds this amount, KeltnerPro will not allow the trade to commence and the trade will be canceled.
MaxOpenOrders– This is the maximum number of trades that will be open at one time per Chart. No new trades will be open by the version in question if this number is met. If you have multiple charts open, each chart will be allowed to open 3 simultaneous



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