How to install .tpl file into MetaTrader (MT4)?

How to install template file (*.tpl) into MetaTrader (MT4)?

Manual (Step By Step Instructions):


1) Turn off MetaTrader

2) Copy the .tpl file to the templates folder of MetaTrader ( for example if your mt4 broker  is Instaforex -” C:\Program Files\InstaTrader\templates” ). Do NOT copy in main  “/Templates folder”

3) Run MetaTrader 4 and open a new chart

4) Use right click (anywhere on the MT4 chart), go to “Template” option and choose the copied filename ( file which you have just downloaded in “Step 2”)

Done! … Enjoy trading!


    If you don’t see your TPL file in MT4 there might be 2 reason:

A) You haven’t restarted a platform after copying files;

B) You’ve copied .tpl file to /Experts/Templates folder instead of main /Templates folder

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