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A nice freware programm to add to the testing EA arsenal.

You can choose a new starting balance and a few other starting balance options. Its nice to just pop in a different starting balance and get an instant updated report with that balance instead of having to rerun a who bunch of tests.

Mini Manual from official site:

Select File -> Open Report to open previously generated MetaTrader backtest report (.htm files). The report’s filename will appear in the Reports panel. You can click on it to see the balance chart (Chart panel), the statistics of the report (Details panel) and the list of all orders (Statement panel). This can take a while because the list of orders are loaded into memory. Note that drawdown values may differ from original report because these are calculated from balance, not equity (it is little less accurate but without historical quotes it is impossible to base on equity). If there are two or more opened reports you can aggregate them. Make sure that the check boxes of the reports you want to combine are turned on. Then use File -> Merge Reports in the main menu. A new report will appear with different icon. Click on it to see aggregated balance chart, report’s statistics and the list of orders. If you want to remove any report from the list, first select it and then click on Delete Selected Report icon in the top of Reports panel. Moreover you can save selected report to .htm file. To do this just select a report and click on Save Selected Report icon in the top of Reports panel. The program will create one .htm, one image (.png) and additionally CSV file with the list of all orders.

Tips: You can open more than one report at once by holding Shift/Ctrl key in the Open dialog. You can zoom in a balance chart by dragging the cursor over it from the upper left corner of selected area to the bottom right corner. To zoom out drag the cursor in the opposite direction. You can even aggregate already merged reports. Simply turn on their check boxes. You can resize each panel or even change its position. You can set the custom value of the initial deposit of an aggregated report. Moreover you can change some parameters of saved reports. There is also possibility to set you working path. All above you can configure in Options -> Preferences… from the main menu. You can open a report that was previously saved to .htm file and use it to merging with other reports.

Here  screenshots of report manager:


first strategy – Note that the maximal drawdown is 11.08%.


second strategy–  The maximal drawdown is 8.82%.


merged strategy –  The maximal drawdown is only 6.35% so it is lower than in each strategy separately.


What’s new in version 1.2.0 ? Ability to display charts with time scale (Options -> Preferences -> Report -> Chart type). Reports from 5-digit brokers are now supported. Installer/uninstaller.

NOTE: You need Java 6

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