Free – Flat Breakout indicator

Flat Breakout Indicator

Consolidation FX indicator


Consolidation (flat) can not last too long, because eventually the market becomes more and more unstable.

This  indicator looks for and displays the areas of consolidation and channel movement. If the channel of linear regression over the past Nlin bars has a width not more than 2 * range of pips, then draw a new channel. In the future, you can work at the breakdown.



S1 – Minimal length channel of the linear regression
S2 – Max. channel height in pips
S3 – The aim at breakdown
S4 – Used to calculate Close, if false – High / Low
S5- Number of bars to calculate

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4 thoughts on “Free – Flat Breakout indicator

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    I find out the script was mixed with chinese .Could you translate to english?

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    Simon , what script …. contact us via email – forexshopcom @ gmail. com

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    Mighty useful. Make no msitkae, I appreciate it.

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    The script inside the indicator is written in another language, as above stated.  Also, it doesn’t show up on the chart for some reason.  Wondering why.

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