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BoboTrader –  system are designed to work on RENKO Charts and should not be used on any other kind of charts.
The theory behind BoboTrader Pro was to first find a tool to define trend. There are many many ways to define trend from moving averages to indicators to trend lines. Once our tool is used and a trend is found then we wait until a new trend is discovered, wait for a pullback that is still on trend and then enter.


The BoboTrader Pro with large blue and magenta arrows which is pictured just below is the primary signal to watch for.

BoboTrader-Pro example

The BoboTrader Pro Software is a directional Trend Trading Software. By this I mean that it will have visual and sound alerts to indicate when a likely change in the direction or trend of the market occurs. You will see up and down arrows to indicate this


Package contain:

–  BoboTrader-Pro indicators and templates

– BoboTrader-ProManual (User-guide.PDF)

– Bonuses


File type and requirements:

-This is a digital item! (Download link – zip file )
-You will Need: MetaTrader 4.0 platform.
– The files you’ll get is ZIP archive.

DOWNLOAD Free  BoboTrader Pro >>>

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