Forex EA TasukiGap – REVIEW

Forex expert advisor Tasukigap

Hello dear visitors of,

Here our review of TasukiGap expert advisor

This is martingale EA. See backtesting of TasukiGap from official site:

Strategy Tester Report

…TasukiGap v.1.07

AlpariUK-Demo (Build 225)

– Starting balance: 3.000

– Relative drawdown: 35624.60 (49.58%)….

?Drawdown (DD): 49.58%  :((((


We think this is a big scam trying to sell EA based on the equity curve

Great trader Birt from even doesn’t want review this EA. 🙂 …. he said: ” Rhymes with “Martingale grid crap” and will happily crash your account sooner or later “

Here proof link


TasukiGap will help you lose money(Margin Call), so our advice – avoid buying TasukiGap robot .. This is Scam

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