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Review – Dynamic Trader Version 6 (DT6)

Dynamic Trader  software (V.6)




DT6 + dynamictrader completed matrix cycles

Dynamic Trader is the most practical trading software


  • DT’s Unique Time and Price Trend Reversal Target Zones

No other trading software  will prepare you in advance for trend reversal target zones for any market and any time frame like DT


  • DT’s Proprietary One-Click Wave Bands and DTosc

DT’s proprietary oscillator, DTosc, beats any other momentum indicator to alert the trader to a momentum and price reversal as it happens. The One-Click Time/Price Wave Band targets can be made an alert to warn the user any market and any time frame is in a position to complete a trend or corrective pattern.


  • Trade Strategies For Any Market and Any Time Frame

The DT trading software provides a unique complement of routines and features for time, price, pattern and momentum analysis. Most not found in any other software.

Be prepared in advance for trend targets and reversals for any market and any time frame

with the unique tools, routines and reports found only in Dynamic Trader.


  1. Peter Bogin Peter Bogin

    Hello Brother does work on Metatrader 4,your store is like Christmas.Wishing you only the best.

  2. admin admin

    Peter Bogin, it’s not an indicator or expert… this is sotware, that works without MT4

  3. Ken Perkin Ken Perkin

    Hi can you tell me if I require a seperate data source to enable me to run the software and if so what data supplier do you recommend,

    Kind regards.

  4. admin admin

    Ken Perkin, yes, You need use data source to enable to run this software

  5. Suds Suds

    is there any other free data source to run this software, i guess esignals charges a monthly fees

  6. Shofi Shofi


    Will I get new update and manuals please.


  7. admin admin

    Suds, It comes wwith instructions into programm. Without any future updates

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