FREE – Dasboard “PipShow”

screenshot of Dasboard – PipShow

Dashboard show you:

1) Total Number of Pips & Profits….. REAL total number of Pips on multiple order entries
2) Equivalent points….. Pips to Point conversion or vice-versa (switchable hidden access) — just click on the last decimal digit (total Pips – e.g. 0.0) or total Profits
3) Push & Email Notification Alert Message ….. Event driven with other optional dependent setting
4) Low & Max Value Alarm….. by Target Amount, Pips and in Percentage
5) Total Open Lots equivalent Amount…. with optional values while at rest —Lot Size (total) with equivalent amount (total)
6) Target Amount or Max Amount equivalent number of Pips
7) REAL-time Break Even and Pips calculations…… SL & TP aware
8) Option to load multiple PipShow instances configured with different instrument or symbol
9) Magic number option
10) Fusion with Currency Strength Meter…… load current instrument chart symbol —strength based on 3 hours or user defined (beta testing.. used at your own risk. You can switch it OFF as an option.
11) Risk Reward Ratio & ATR (52) values (e.g. 26/26) or set it manually with moderate values like ATR (28) (e.g. 4/24)
12) Alarm percentage based pips total for TP & SL, and with set suggested BE


Download FREE Dasboard – PipShow

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