FREE – “Forex Profit System”

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Forex Profit System

FREE - Forex Profit System

This is FREE Forex Profit System ( MT4 Indicators and Template )

780 pips profit – last two week results

Trading rules:

 Buy: Wait buy arrow (green arrow on chart above) and blue SEFC = Bull (check image above).

 Sell: Wait sell arrow (yellow arrow on chart above) and red SEFC = Bear

Time frames (TF):
On M30 and H1 timeframes, you’ll get the best results.

Forex Profit System contain:

BBand Stop Alert.mq4
FerruFx_Multi_info THV.ex4
Mint signal2.mq4
signal .mq4
+ Forex Profit System Template

How to setup Forex Profit System:

1. Past all ex4 files in “indicators” directory MetaTrader platform.
2. Forex Profit System Template paste in “template” directory in your MetaTrader platform.
3. Restart your platform and then load “Forex Profit System.tpl” from MetaTrader panel.


Download “Forex Profit System” free >>>


17 Responses to “FREE – “Forex Profit System””

  1. Uzendu Anthony says:

    Thank you very much and may GOD bless you.


  2. admin says:

    Uzendu Anthony, you’re welcome! ;)


  3. Hengki says:

    i wan download this indicator but i not can.. why??


  4. admin says:

    Hengki, click on link “Download “Forex Profit System” free >>>” …. or Right click > “save as”


  5. Chiboy says:

    Thank you sir, May God bless you sir


  6. Hengki says:

    thank you verry much.. now i can….. :)
    i usually visit this site


  7. mandy says:



  8. Olatunji says:

    Thanks in a million times for this lovely system!
    Engr Olatunji


  9. P.MANIKANDAN says:

    hi friends  this is manikandan.p from tamilnadu (INDIA) 
    I trade this system with bolingerband  , 1mins & 5 mins scalping only 
    200pips a day i trade only E/J E/U U/CH G/U A/U U/C U/J
                                           HAVE A NICE DAY


  10. khurram shah says:

      plz any one tell me about this forex profit system graph. i don’t understand it. plz help me. thanks


  11. dhanesh pansare says:

    hi manikandan…,nice to see ur profit…
    lets discuss abt this system…



  12. Tibor Szabo says:

    Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-content/uploads/2011/08/ was not found on this server.


  13. admin says:

     Tibor Szabo,  I’ve just checked download link  – all it’s OK!


  14. sandeep says:

    Your system is very good but can you help us all in understanding where to Book Profits and where to keep the stoploss as without that we will not be in aposition to make optimum use of it.
    Thanks & Regards


  15. admin says:

    Sandee, It comes without manual, so you need decide yourself where take profit and set SL level. For example – TP when you recieve opposite signal, SL-on preveview high or low


  16. charles says:

        thanks for sharing your profit system with me
         pls notify me whenever you have new  stuff


  17. admin says:

    Charles, please for receiving notification about new stuff just  Subscribe to updaes via Email


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